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The PokeGods were supposedly a batch of “secret” Pokemon that are in Pokemon Red and Blue Version.

Yes, it’s true there are 255 Pokemon in those games, but they’re not the PokeGods everyone thinks of. Basically, pictures of Pokemon that were then going to be in the new Gold and Silver versions leaked out, and some lame-o saw a Marril and called it Pikablu. Even when I turned on my first Pokemon Gold Version I saw Marill and thought, “Pikablu” Here are some names of “PokeGods” that many websites publish frequently. Take a look.


Pikablu, Raiblu, Charcolt, Sapusaur, Doomsay, Doomsday, Beepin, Mellenum (or Millennium), Togepy, Rainer, Locustod, Nidogod, Spooky, Anthrax, Pokemaniac, Psybir, Psybird, Luigi (no kidding), Flareth, Houou, Bruno, Gandhikan, Matix, Sununo, Ratichu, Stonebro,



The Pokegods are Glitches, just like Missingno, and they are actually in the game.



If it involves any of the following:

1.       Mist  Stone

2.      Talking to someone a set number of times (usually 50, 100, or 1000)

3.      Beating the Elite Four a certain number of times (again, usually a high number)

4.      The truck near the S.S.Anne (yes, the Truck exists, but Mew ain’t under it)

5.      Surfing the Cinnabar coast a certain number of times (like always, usually a high number)

6.      Getting all 150(without Mew)/151(with Mew)/153(all + Missingni & ‘M) Pokemon

7.      getting a Bottle in the sea (many sites post that as a Pikablu code)

Sometimes a cheat would involve showing Bill a certain item/Pokemon. He would then take you to his backyard, where PokeGods live


And to back up my point, read my PokeGod Research Document. (complete with pictures of the so-called Pokegods)

P.S. If you try catching a Pokegod, please make sure you flip the Gameshark switch on in the middle of a Pokemon Battle, not before!

Also, you might need to capture many of these a second time, since they turn into Rhydons when the Pokedex is updated.


This Site Owner Is Not A Complete Buffoon And Knows About The PokeGods Too.



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